Growth-driven web copy

When you hand your business card to a new prospect, do you feel the need to offer it with a caveat?

“We’re, uh, working on our website …”

(And we’ve been “working on it” for years. But you don’t say that part.)

A good website is essential if you plan on doing business in the 21st century. And still, so many businesses build their websites and then let them gather dust, withering in their little corner of the web.  

Confession time: I spent years feeling secretly ashamed of my own neglected website. 

It’s not that it was terrible. It wasn’t. But it certainly didn’t represent the best of what I had to offer. It was bland, corporate, boring. It didn’t tell my story. Readers didn’t walk away thinking, “Yes! She gets me. I need to work with her.”

And it showed. My Google Analytics? Flatline.

My contact form? Crickets.

Here’s why: I had ignored my own website while I helped other brands build theirs. Like the cobbler and his holey-soled shoes.

But since overhauling my website using the strategies I use to help my clients, I actually feel proud to share it. I know that when people visit, they’ll have a clear picture of who I am, what I offer, and how I can help them.

I’d love to help you feel the same way.

Not just because it’ll give you a confidence boost. But because conversion web copy will catalyze your brand’s performance and grow your business.

Your website isn’t just the face of your brand. It’s also your all-day, everyday salesperson, marketing master, and customer service rep …

… but only if it’s fueled with content that’s written to sell. To market. To speak to your readers’ hesitations, fears, and desires.

Strategic, results-focused copywriting means the difference between a website that’s just taking up digital space and one that is out there 24/7 working its tail off.

The web copy I write is …

  • Written using in-depth research 
  • Consistent with your brand voice
  • Intelligent, but approachable
  • Above all, designed to meet your business goals

By starting with PhD-level research, then delving into proven writing strategies, and following up with testing and validation, I will produce high-performance web copy for your natural health and sustainability brand.



• 60-minute discovery call to get to know you, your business, and your goals
• Audit of existing resources
• Research into your brand, industry, and customer
• Home page, About page, and FAQ page copy
• 2 additional pages (not including landing pages or long-form sales pages)
• 1 round of revisions



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WEBSITE review

• 60-minute discovery call to get to know you, your business, and your goals
• Audit of your existing website
• Research into your brand, industry, and customer
• Comprehensive analysis of copwriting wins, gaps, and opportunities
• Written report with concrete suggestions for improvement

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