Optimize your web copy by this time next week
Start converting fast with a personalized web copy review
√  Personalized website review + conversion-focused improvment suggestions to optimize your website pronto √  No long-term agreement required
Customized website reviews
60 minutes to more conversions
Don’t have the time, budget, or need for a full web copy rewrite? Now you can borrow my brain—and my decades of copywriting experience—to jumpstart your copy with a personalized website review.

You know your website could be performing better than it is—connecting you with your ideal reader, turning readers into followers, followers into clients, and clients into lifelong fans who can’t wait to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

A good website—one that is written with time-tested, research-backed copywriting strategies front and center—will do all that and more.

But unfortunately conversion-focused web copywriting isn’t just something you can pick up by reading a how-to article. It’s not intuitive—even to good writers. Conversion copywriting takes years of research and practice, as well as a dedication to staying on top of what works now versus what was working 18 months ago.

That’s the service I provide to clients who hire me to write their websites from scratch. Those projects start at $4k and take weeks to finish. Why? Because I’m starting from the ground up—losing myself in mountains of research and strategically crafting copy that is designed to convert.

But not everyone needs a wholesale rewrite of their web copy. Some people—and I have a hunch this is you—just need an expert to review their site and give them honest, practical action steps for how to make it perform better.

Better web copy, fast
On-demand website help

If you need copy help pronto, the website review is for you.

Here’s how it works: I review three pages of your site and send you a 45- to 60-minute video in which I apply copywriting principles and best practices to outline specific suggestions for improvement. I make on-screen edits so you can see what I’d change and how. For one section of the site—usually the above-the-fold part of the homepage—I’ll provide a complete rewrite. When I’m all done, I’ll send you the recording, the transcript, and the rewritten section. You watch the review and jot down your questions, and then we hop on the phone for a 30-minute call. This is your chance to ask me questions about my suggestions and get any clarifications you might need. Then it’s your turn to dig in and start implementing the changes and seeing results. 

The Process
Step 1
Purchase your review, get your follow-up Q&A on my calendar, and submit payment.
Step 2
Fill out a questionnaire within 48 hours so I can get started on your review.
Step 3
I review your website and goals, record my 45- to 60-minute feedback session, and rewrite one section of copy.
Step 4
I send you a Google Drive link with your video, transcript, and copy rewrite.
Step 5
You print of the transcript, grab a highlighter and pen, and make notes of your questions as you watch the video.
Step 6
We meet at our scheduled time, and you have 30 minutes to ask me anything you want.
Step 7
You get to work implementing my suggestions.
Step 8
Your copy starts performing for you in the way you always knew it could!
Simple pricing
Custom Website Review
Expert advice that will get your copy performing the way you want it to
  • Research-backed copy guidance for 3 web pages*
  • 45- to 60-minute video with live edits
  • Professional video transcription
  • Conversion-focused rewrite for one section of copy
  • 30-minute Q&A session to review changes and address questions
*Excluding landing pages or sales pages

Is a website review right for you?

The answer, as with anything, is it depends. While this option is great for some, it’s definitely not a fit for everyone. Here’s how to decide if this is the right option for you.

Let’s do this if …
  • You have an existing website, and you know it needs improvement
  • You have a good understanding of what your goals are
  • You don’t want to hire someone to rewrite the site; you just need help knowing how to optimize what you have
  • You are willing to put in the work
But not if …
  • You don’t have a website yet
  • You’re not clear on your goals
  • Honest feedback gives you hives
  • You’d rather someone manage the whole process for you
  • You’re not ready or able to make the changes I suggest