I help your brilliance shine (and put it to work).

Stellar copy is the difference between readers tripping over their fingers to click “Sign me up” and readers’ eyes glazing over (or worse yet, rolling) as they navigate toward the dreaded X of doom.

It’s the way to convey the brilliance and passion behind everything you do.

But it’s more than that, too.

The best copy doesn’t just convey your awesomeness …

It also strategically helps you hit your business goals.

It attracts your ideal readers to your site. And then it makes them stick around long enough to say, “Yes. More of this, please.”

Great copywriting isn’t just your brand’s biggest champion … it’s also your 24/7 top-earning salesperson.

If you’ve ever worked with a skilled, experienced, results-focused conversion copywriter, you know the power and potential of killer copy.

If you’ve worked with the other kind of copywriter … well, you just might be jaded. You might even be tempted to lump us all together as artsy wordsmiths who are only in this business to hear ourselves type.

The truth is, it takes more than a keyboard and a shingle (or a website) to make a successful conversion copywriter.

Obviously it takes well-honed writing chops. But it also requires an in-depth understanding of marketing and persuasion. Research and discovery. Strategy. Testing and validation.

In the health and sustainability fields, high-converting copywriting is even more of an uphill climb. It requires an ability to discern fact from hyperbole, and the skill to translate tinder-dry technical jargon into fiery copy that compels your readers to action.

Hi. I'm Deirdre Shevlin Bell.

I started DSB Communications after a decade working for health and wellness magazines. (You’ll find me on the masthead of Alternative Medicine, Pilates Style, Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health, Natural Medicine Journal, and more).


I said goodbye to my cush managing editor role and struck off on my own because I hated seeing businesses pay good money for yawn-inducing (and often inaccurate) copy, then scratch their heads when they weren’t seeing results. I wanted to bring the diligence and high standards I’d applied to traditional publishing out into the bigger world to do more good.


Since 2006, health, wellness, and sustainability brands have hired me to tease out their most compelling stories and tell them in a way that makes readers fall in love.


Combine my magazine-honed interviewing and storytelling skills with my obsessive attention to the latest research into copywriting, and you have me. A strategy-driven, research-loving, word-obsessed copywriter for hire.


I love to help my clients tell stories in a way that makes people want to take action. That action is different for each project. (Do we want more leads? Less churn? More sign-ups? More dollars?) But the core skillset I use to inspire it remains the same: curiosity, enthusiasm, and hard-won conversion copywriting skills.

What is conversion copywriting?
Conversion copywriters focus on, well, conversions. It could be converting traffic to leads, leads to buyers, past customers to repeat customers … You get the idea. But the point is that we write with the explicit goal of inspiring a specific, measurable action. That’s why you’ll always hear me talking about things like revenue, KPIs, analytics, testing, and other ways of determining if the copy I create is working.
Absolutely! For larger projects I put on my managing editor hat and gather my team of trusted writers and editors to get it done. Most of the rockstars on my roster have been with me since the beginning, and they’re so good that I’ve hired them again and again. Of course, I still edit and optimize everything they turn in before it comes to you.
Here’s it in a nutshell:

1. We start with a 15-minute chat to see if we’re a fit. If so, we schedule another call to go over project details and timing, and I send a proposal.

2. If all looks good, you send a deposit and we sign contracts to make the lawyers happy.

3. Every project starts with a research and discovery phase, during which I look at your existing research and conduct my own.

4. Then I dig into the writing and editing.

5. When I’m all done, we’ll schedule a call look at the copy together. I’ll gather your feedback to incorporate into a final round.

6. I send my final invoice and cross my fingers that we get to work together again.

I’m typically booked out a few weeks, but I can give you more specifics when we talk. If you’re looking for super-fast turnaround, I’m probably not the right fit. Research and discovery, as well as editing and revision, are baked into every project I do. Rushing it is a disservice to you and your business.

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