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Strategy Sessions

Need some one-off advice?

Looking for a plan on how to get started?

Have a 9-1-1 content emergency? 

I’ve got your solution.

Until now, my minimum engagement fee of $3,500—which allows me to give my full focus to just a few clients at a time—has meant I’m typically booked out 2 to 3 months.  

It also has meant that I haven’t had space for people who need help pronto, or who don’t want to drop a few grand on copy just yet. 

But I’m now offering a way to book the small open spots in my schedule, rather than booking a whole project. You can now take a look at my calendar and snag an hour or half a day of my time.

Plus, you get to work with me without having to go through the whole grueling intake procedure I usually put people through. (Joking. It’s actually pretty fun.) 

Strategy sessions are a great option for people who need help creating a roadmap, improving existing materials, or digging out of a copy crisis.



Check my calendar and book the time that works for you—either one hour or half a day. Payment is required at time of booking and is non-refundable (unless I need to cancel, which like, never happens).

Fill me in

My assistant will contact you to confirm the appointment and ask you for some background information. This will give me all the information I need to hit the ground running.


Talk to me

On the day of our appointment, you’ll call into the number we provide. For one-hour sessions, we’ll talk for the whole hour and work as we go. For half-days, we talk, then I go and do my thing. 


Get the goods

At the end of our session, you’ll see serious improvements. Whether it’s a new take on content marketing strategy, a clearer understanding of your users, or some high-converting optimizations to your existing copy, we’ll tackle your most pressing copy problems. 

1-hour Strategy Session

Need a quick but high-impact copy kickstart? The one-hour strategy session is for you. 

Since our time is brief, we’ll get on the call and jump right in. I’ll focus my questions on getting to the heart of your copy problem.

You’ll leave the hour with business-changing, action-oriented copy strategy. 



Here are a few things we can tackle in a one-hour strategy session:

✓ Headline optimization

✓ Calls-to-action that up conversions

✓ Content marketing strategy improvements

✓ A list of content topics that will enthrall your readers and hit your biz goals

✓ A critique of one or two pages on your site

What happens if we run out of time? You can book another hour or a half day, and we’ll pick right up where we left off!

Book My Brain (for half a day)

Need to more than an hour’s worth of copy magic? A half-day session is your best bet.

Here’s how it works: We start our session with a phone call, where we dig into your goals, root out problems, and identify opportunities. Then we hang up, and I get to work.

At the end of the 4-hour session, we hop back on a call so I can deliver my work and lay out suggestions for next steps.

What can we check off your list in half a day? A lot, actually. Here are a few of the possibilities:

✓ Conversion-focused edits to a small site

✓ A review of an email sequence and a plan for improvement

✓ Copywriting for two or three pages on your site (not the home page or the about page) 

✓ A 3-month content plan

✓ One (possibly two) custom articles

✓ Development of a Content Mission Statement

✓ Reader persona creation (if you have existing research and data)


$795 (20% savings)