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Strategic email copywriting

Send emails your readers actually look forward to opening.

You know email is an important part of marketing. But emailing without good strategy and convincing copy can turn once-eager subscribers into ghosts.

Here’s the thing about poorly written, ad hoc emails: They’re like the cable guy who knocks at your door right as you’re putting dinner on the table. They’re intrusive. They’re annoying. They make you want to hide behind the couch.

No matter what they’re selling, you’re not buying.

Well planned, expertly crafted, deftly executed emails, on the other hand? They’re the digital equivalent of a singing telegram. 

Even if you weren’t expecting them, even if you can’t for the life of you remember signing up for them, one thing’s for sure: When they show up on your doorstep (or in your inbox), you can’t help but take notice. 

Email is ​​​​​​​the best bang for your buck. Still.

Email is an essential component of every marketing strategy. In fact, if you had the money and time to invest in only one communication tool, I’d recommend email.

Here’s why …

  • Your subscribers have chosen to invite you into their inboxes. Think about that. They have handed you a written invitation to speak directly to them. You spend so much time brainstorming about how to be heard amidst the din. Meanwhile, you have a list—no matter how puny—of people who have boldly stated, “I like you! Come on in!” So don’t just stand there. Sing!
  • Email boasts a 30:1 ROI, according to a 2017 study from the Direct Marketing Association. Where else can you [legally] turn $1 into $30?
  • You own your email list. Unlike Facebook, which could suspend your account tomorrow, taking all your followers with it. Or Google, which changes its algorithms more frequently than the rest of us change our socks. Your email list is yours, forever and ever. Amen.
  • Email keeps delivering. When you set up a high-performing autoresponder series or email funnel, you do it once and it keeps on going to work for you every single day. Sure, you should test it and optimize it as you grow. But once the heavy lifting is done, you can largely kick back and enjoy the rewards.

So yes, you should be emailing your list. But promise me you won’t send them garbage.  

Your subscribers have invited you into their inboxes. Be a good guest. Don’t bombard them with useless emails just because you can. You want to connect, and you want those subscribers to become enthusiastic readers. The ones who will eagerly accept when you email them an offer.

The way you do that is through relationship-building, service-providing, please-come-again emails.

But writing those emails is hard. You know that if you’ve ever tried. Hell, even most copywriters can’t do it. Unfortunately, the risk of missing the email mark is real. Every yawn-inducing (or worse, cringe-worthy) email you send inches you closer to that dreaded Unsubscribe button.

Before you send your next email, let’s talk. 

You want to send the kind of emails that spark conversation, inspire loyalty, and build your business. I’ll show you how. Using proven strategies and time-tested techniques, I’ll help you create the emails your readers love to open and share.