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Authority-building Content Marketing

Strategic, high-quality content marketing will help your brand … 

  • Build and reinforce brand awareness
  • Convert traffic to leads (and then keep ’em coming back)
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Convert paying customers to paying-more customers
  • Turn readers into your biggest cheerleaders 

But you’ve probably heard this all before. Content marketing has such a fanatic following that it’s practically a religion at this point.

And with good reason. It’s incredibly effective. Content marketing yields …


as many leads per dollar spent as paid search


more lead growth for businesses that blog than those that don't


as much traffic for sites with 16+ monthly blogs as those with ≤4

So then why is it that it’s such a struggle for natural health, fitness, and sustainability businesses to produce effective, consistent content?

In my decade+ of doing this, I’ve seen people start with the best of intentions and then quickly stumble into a few common content pitfalls. 

Can you relate to any of these?

You don’t have clear goals for your content.

Content marketing is not publishing for the sake of publishing. You’re not producing content simply to entertain or inform. 

Yes, the content you produce may entertain, and it certainly will inform. But that’s a means to an end. The purpose of content marketing is to grow your business. 

If you’re not sure why exactly you’re creating content, two things will torpedo your efforts. First, all your hard work will be fruitless. Second, you’ll lose the stamina to keep going. 

You don’t have a clear strategy.

Even the best content will fail if it doesn’t start with strategic planning. That’s because content doesn’t exist in a silo. It’s dependent upon—and contributes to—all your other marketing efforts.

For instance, a lead generation ebook won’t get you a single relevant email address if it’s not planned and written with a laser focus on your ideal customer’s pains, desires, and stage of awareness. 

And on the flip side, any leads you generate from a well-designed and written ebook will fade into oblivion if you don’t have a lead nurturing sequence ready to trigger as soon as it’s downloaded.

Content fatigue has set in.

Content is a long-game marketing tactic. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the potential to produce short-term wins. It does. But the real benefits become apparent several months in, once you’ve built your audience.

Those first few months? They’re lonely. It’s hard to persuade yourself to keep “write that blog” at the top of your to-do list when you’re not getting any instant feedback that it’s working.

You tried outsourcing … and it didn’t go too well.

As with any growing religion, the content marketing world has proved fertile ground for charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. Some content agencies out there will sell you a blog for $40.

Guess how much they’re paying their writers to create those blogs …

That’s a real, actual writing offer sent to some writers I know. $1 for 500 words, which they’re then most likely selling to their customers at a 400,000% markup.

No wonder businesses aren’t getting any results when they outsource their content to these companies. 

The fact is that it takes a lot of time, expertise, and research to create high-quality, on-brand content. Content that not only aligns with what your customers want to read but also meets your business goals. 

You need a strategic content partner, not a content farm

If you’ve been stymied by any of the challenges I just outlined, don’t give up. You can still take advantage of content marketing’s many benefits. You can build authority and awareness, convert like crazy, and grow your business. 

I can help you. 

Schedule a 15-minute strategy chat (FREE) now. We’ll talk about your goals and struggles. Then I’ll make some recommendations on next steps.

It could be that all you need is help with strategy and planning. Then you’ll be ready to create effective, consistent content. If that’s the case, I’ll recommend you buy a half-day strategy session.

Or you may want to hand off your content strategy and execution to me and my team. If that’s the case, the package below is for you.

Either way, I can set you on the path to content marketing that lives up to its promise.

AUTHORITY-building content package

  • 60-minute phone call to learn about your goals and struggles 
  • Research into your customers, your market, and your offerings
  • Development of a unique content value proposition
  • Reader persona development
  • Creation of your Content Marketing Mission Statement
  • 3-month content calendar
  • 9 pieces of original content (varying lengths and formats)
  • Social media post copy for each piece of content
  • Success measurement tracker

Price: $4,997

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